viernes, 10 de junio de 2016


As you know last week I published my Project description. If you don´t read this, I think that it is important that you do that, with the objective that you understand better this activity:

Pupils at 6º grade at Primary School in 10 different countries around the world.

They are organized in weeks, because in all the classes of English we will work in this project called “Knowing the world”.

1.       First week: search information in different webs that the teachers give them, about animal life in their country.
2.       Second week: prepare a Prezi with all the classroom, which we can learn the most important aspect about the animal life in their country.
3.       Third week: we prepare a video conference with the others students that have prepared the same activity, but with information of the animal life in their countries.
4.       Fourth week: all the classes make a portfolio with the main ideas that they have learned about the animal life of other countries.

The main idea of this project is that each week we change the topic (animal life, plant life, monuments, gastronomy and sports) but all the week our pupils will do the same type of activities. Besides, all the activities will be published in a blog that we will create.
I believe that this project is an excellent idea to our students improve their skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading

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